Child Safe School

King’s is a Child Safe School.  At King’s we are very aware of the necessity to develop and maintain Child Safe & Volunteer programmes.  To this end we allocate funds to train our volunteers and ensure that we are following the guidelines set out in our Child Protection Policy.  The Child Protection Officers at King’s are the two School Chaplains, Kathryn Churchett & Mike Stevens.

A Volunteer training programme is held at the end of each year and a ‘mop-up’ session is held midway through Term 1.  All volunteers are required to complete the training (which includes Mandatory Notification, Police Check, Stat Dec & Volunteer Agreement forms to be signed) before they can undertake ANY Volunteer work.  A list of trained volunteers (in excess of 300) is available to our staff on the intranet.  This list is kept up-to-date and if a person’s name does not appear on the list, they cannot be used in a volunteer capacity.  Volunteer training will be updated every 3 years.  The Staff Chaplain and Principal’s Assistant are responsible for maintaining the programme and updating/reviewing the Child Protection Policy and the Volunteer Policy.


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