Through recognition of achievement, we help each student discover their interests and build on their strengths. By the time a student graduates, they have the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to be confident in themselves and their ability to progress successfully through life. 


3 – 7 Sports Day – Age Group Champions
13 year old: A. Borg and J. Pratt
12 year old: M. Forbes and J. Woodberry
11 year old: M. Coolen and J. Clarke
10 year old: T. Wasylkiw and I. Cotton
9 year old: T. Rende, H. McConnell (dual winner) and I. Riddle
8 year old: J. Barnes and E. Wall

The outcome of House Sports was:
Brimblecombe: 2479
White: 2244
Baldock: 2172
Warren: 2124

The 10-13 year olds selected for the King’s Athletics Team competed in April in the SAPSASA Championships. The team then increased to include the 8 and 9 year olds to compete at SANTOS Stadium for the SACSA Primary athletics championships.

State Athletics Championships
I. Riddle won 3 Gold Medals at the State Athletics Championships in the U9 70m, 100m and long jump.

SACSA Primary Athletics Championships
The annual SACSA Primary Athletics Championships were held at SANTOS Stadium in May. While there were many highlights on the track, the most memorable aspect was the encouraging team morale and the King’s spirit of excellence that each athlete displayed. 

The following athletes achieved a top 3 position:
1st Place
13 year old High Jump – D. Ross
8 year old Long Jump – C. Boal
12 year old Long Jump – J. Woodberry
9 year old 70m – I. Riddle
12 year old 100m – J. Woodberry
12 year old Shotput – C. Bradshaw
10 year old High Jump – I. Cotton
13 year old 100m – J. Pratt
12 year old High Jump – J. Woodberry
11 year old Discus – M. Coolen
13 year old Long Jump – J. Swanson
11 year old High Jump – M. Bennett
13 year old 800m – J. Creasey
9 year old 200m – I. Riddle
11 year old Shotput – M. Coolen
9 year old Long Jump – I. Riddle
13 year old Discus – A. Borg
10 year old 200m – I. Cotton
12 year old 200m – J. Woodberry
2nd Place
12 year old Long Jump – M. Forbes
10 year old 100m – A. Egan
12 year old 100m – M. Forbes
13 year old 100m – A. Borg 
13 year old Shot Put – I. Smith
10 year old Long Jump – A. Field 
10 year old 800m – A. Field
10 year old 800m – I. Cotton
12 year old 800m – A. Gallagher
13 year old Long Jump – H. Kowal
9 year old 200m – H. McConnell
11 year old Shot Put – M. Tarzia
10 year old 200m – A. Egan
12 year old 200m – M. Forbes
13 year old 200m – A. Borg
13 year old 200m – H. Kowal
3rd Place
8 year old Long Jump – E. Graham
9 year old 70m – H. McConnell
11 year old 100m – N. Smart
10 year old Long Jump – I. Cotton
11 year old Discus – J. Peskett
8 year old 200m – H. Riddle
11 year old 200m – S. Hunt
1st Place Relay
9 year old girls Relay Team – H. McConnell, M. Filmer, T. Rende, C. Boal
9 year old boys Relay Team – I. Riddle, S. Nguyen, A. Barnett, M. Cunningham
12 year old girls Relay Team – M. Forbes, A. Stevenson, I. Graham, S. Marshall
12 year old boys Relay Team – J. Woodberry, C. Lawrence, N. Burt, J. Smart
13 year old girls Relay Team – A. Borg, A. Irvine, J. Swanson, S. Demann
13 year old boys Relay Team – H. Kowal, J. Pratt, D. Ross, J. Creasey
2nd Place Relay
10 year old girls Relay Team – A. Egan, A. Field, N. Jolly, C. Creasey
11 year old girls Relay Team – N. Smart, S. Hunt, R. Smart, M. Coolen
3rd Place Relay
10 year old boys Relay Team – I. Cotton, S. Hamber, K. Woodman, H. Gage
11 year old boys Relay Team – J. Clarke, C. Dunt, C. Lippitt, D. Cruz

Despite these outstanding results the team was unable to sustain our unbeaten Division 1-14 year record from this event with the team finishing 2nd by just 38 points.
We were successful at taking out the Challenge Trophy for the 3rd straight year. This is calculated by dividing the number of points achieved by the total number of students in
Years 3-7.

King’s won the annual Div 1 SACSA Secondary Athletics Championships at SANTOS Stadium in March by a 40 point margin.

While many individual personal bests were achieved on the day, the following top 3 placings are listed below:
1st Place
High Jump, Javelin – D. Marshall
Long Jump – L. Browne
100m, 200m, 400m, High Jump, Long Jump – S. Belkner
400m, High Jump, Long Jump – A. McDonald
100m, 200m, Long Jump – A. Coolen
800m, Javelin, Discus, Triple Jump – C. Hams
Long Jump – N. Allotey
200m, Long Jump – E. Chalmers
Triple Jump – L. Borg
100m – F. Allen
High Jump (1.95m) – R. Marshall
U14 girls relay team (S. Belkner, A. McDonald, G. Slater, A. Coolen)
U16 girls relay team (L. Borg, K. Jones, R. Ashenden, C. Roe)
Open girls relay team (E. Chalmers, S. Barbour, C. Penna, E. McLean)
Open boys relay team (F. Allen, R. Marshall, R. White, R. Hemming)
2nd Place
100m, 200m, Discus – D. Marshall
800m, 1500m – D. Bradshaw
Javelin – J. Graham
400m – L. Borg
Discus – R. Ashenden
Long Jump – C. Roe
200m – F. Allen
Javelin – T. Skein
Discus – B. Borg
Shot Put – E. McLean
100m – E. Chalmers
High Jump – S. Barbour
3rd Place
1500m – I. Drury
Long Jump – L. Browne
100m – J. Graham
High Jump – B. Su
100m, 200m – K. Jones
400m, Triple Jump – L. McDonald
Discus – T. Hams
800m – A. McDonald
Shot Put – M. Collins
Javelin – B. Borg
Shot Put – J. Thyer
100m – G. Duffield
U14 boys relay team – D. Marshall, L. Browne, J. Croft, N. Tilley

Stawell Gift Winner
N. Visciglio competed at the Stawell Gift and won the Telstra Store Horsham Little Athletics 800m.

We helped pack bags for Backpacks for SA Kids. They are going to kids and teens that need them for emergencies. Declan, Caitlin and I felt very happy and a bit emotional while packing because I was thinking of the children that are going through a rough time. It was fun knowing where the backpacks were going to go. We did fundraising for the kids by showing an episode of Mr Bean and selling lollies and fairy floss. We raised $40.00 to buy some clothes for the kid’s backpacks. It was sad for us to see that we had to pack a bag for newborn babies because they are so young and they do not deserve to go through those times.
Hannah Smedley

King’s Year 8/9 Girls – M. Collins, A. McDonald, E. Wilson, S. Armstrong, J. Watts, I. Bartlett, G. Littlechild and S. Belkner are the SACSA Girls Champions for 2017.
King’s Year 8/9 Boys – L. Browne, N. Collinson, B. Su, L. Waldeck, D. Marshall, K. Horskins, L. Kuzman, J. Dutton, L. Reitano and L. Cook are the SACSA Boys Champions for 2017.

The annual House Cross Country was held in and around the school grounds in April.

 The following athletes achieved a top 3 finish in their age group:


8-9 year old girls

8-9 year old boys

10 year old girls

10 year old boys

1st H. McConnell A. Barnett A. Heritage I. Cotton
2nd T. Rende L. Brown A. Field K.Woodman
3rd C. Zacher I. Riddle N. Jolly J. Hawkes

11 year old girls

11 year old boys

12 year old girls

12 year old boys

1st R. Smart C. Rende A. Gallagher C. Webb
2nd A. Mendolia E. Roberts M. Forbes B. Woodman
3rd S. Hunt J. O’Hara A. Stevenson R. McGlone

13 year old girls

13 year old boys

14 year old girls

14 year old boys

1st S. Smart N. Collins S. Belkner I. Drury
2nd L. Hams J. Creasey A. McDonald L. Browne
3rd E. Davies R. Hutton I. Bartlett D. Marshall

15 year old girls

15 year old boys



1st L. Gallagher N. Visciglio J. Davies A. Vandepeer
2nd C. Stevenson D. Bradshaw N. Krooglik K. Deverix
3rd A. Forbes J. Graham A. Wallis J. Thyer

Each of the above placings earned house points which finished with the following result:

Brimblecombe 550 Baldock 431 White 418 Warren 337

The Carnival was held in May. All 10 students who competed were very strong and consistent which secured them a position in the top 6 for every race. These results guaranteed all athletes an opportunity to compete in the State Cross Country Championships held in June. 

The team:
10 year old boys – I. Cotton, K. Woodman
10 year old girls – A. Heritage, A. Field
11 year old boys – C. Rende, E. Roberts
12 year old boys – C. Webb, B. Woodman
12 year old girls – A. Gallagher, M. Forbes

H. Dunt won Overall Teen Champion Dancer for the Follow Your Dreams Adelaide Competition. She received an invitation to Nationals for all five of her dances.
She performed the following solos:
- Jazz - Broadway - Lyrical - Contemporary - Acro
H. Dunt achieved a top 5 place in the Overall Top Teen Division of the Get The Beat Competition, S. Dunt achieved a top 5 place in the Overall Pre-Junior Division and
D. Roach placed runner-up in the Overall Pre-Junior Division. To reach this stage of the competition, they had to place first in their age group in a dance genre.
Each year at Jane Grech Dance Centre, selected dancers are invited to apply to join the Assistant Teacher Training Program. Applicants are assessed on their dedication, commitment, behavioural standards and quality of grooming. A. Czyzowski and A. Wilson were successful in their application for Semester 1 2017 and have been acting as leaders and role models to junior students throughout this time.

SACSA 6/7 Touch Football
Our Girls Gold Team – A. Borg, I. Graham, A. Stevenson, J. Swanson, A. Irvine, L. Hams, A. Vandepeer, S. Demann, J. Banning, F. Stone, B. Luscombe and C. Stevenson won the Championship.
SAPSASA Year 6/7 Boys Football
The team – K. Reimers, R. Hutton, L. Fimmano, A. Kryzstoszek, J. Su, N. Butler, J. Creasey, J. Pratt, K. Humphris, I. Smith and J. Woodberry were undefeated securing the Championship.
SAPSASA State Football
N. Collins, D. Ross and B. Tilley represented the Salisbury District and played teams from Kangaroo Island, Whyalla and Port Pirie during the Football Carnival held in June.

W. Loughron has been selected to represent SA in the National Grid Iron competition.

King’s won both 1st and 2nd place in the Japanese Oral Competition The four competitors, B. Maddren (1st place),
R. Munger (2nd place), I. Hegedus and S. Olafsen were outstanding.

In Term 1 we welcomed Emy – a three year old labradoodle to the Kastle. Emy is a very placid and well trained dog who has been trained to companion status. Emy visits us every Tuesday and her role is to wander around the Kastle saying hello to everyone and getting as many pats as possible. Research has shown the positive impact dogs can have on reducing stress, fostering language and fostering interaction. In all of these areas we have seen a wonderful response to Emy being at school and to hear the cries of disappointment when she isn’t here, is a confirmation about how important her presence is.

C. Sun was awarded the King’s Baptist Grammar School Kelly Sports Star of the Term by the Kelly Sports coach for Term 1.
The reasons for her nomination were:
- always attends the Kelly Sports sessions with a great attitude
- always gives 100% effort in the session activities and games

ASMI Facebook Competition Winner
G. Duffield entered the ASMI Facebook Competition about Hidden Figures and Girls in Mathematics and won the $100 book voucher prize.

A. Vandepeer won Gold at the National Titles at the Sydney International Regatta.
Ashlynn had two rowing races and after a tight race won a Gold Medal in the C1 individual 200m, earning her the title of 2017 Australian Champion in the Women’s U16 C1 individual 200m. In this race the U16 Women lined up with the Open Women who were all in their 20s and Ashlynn placed 4th beating some of the Open Women athletes. Her coach was very happy to state – the official records show that Ashlynn is the 4th fastest woman in Australia and she is only 15!
She also raced in the C2 doubles 200m and again won a Gold Medal. Ashlynn lined up with the Open Women but there were only 2 U16 teams. The official results have been posted so she is also the 2017 Australian Champion in the Women U16 C2 doubles 200m.

R. Bonelli represented SA in the National Christian School Sports Games playing soccer above his age group in the open boys team. He is known as the Pocket Rocket and ably assisted his team to finish third place.

J. Brennan was selected for the U17 Boys State Softball Team. They played in Canberra in January and came 4th.  This was the 1st time SA had made the finals for nearly 20 years – they lost the Semi by only 1 run.
M. Williams, K. Hutton and P. Roberts play for the Roadrunners Softball Club and became the U16 Premiers defeating Valley View Eagles 7-0.

King’s won the SAPSASA District Swimming Carnival by over 50 points.
The following students placed:
M. Webber: 2nd Open Boys 100m free, 2nd 2004 Boys 50m free, 2nd 2004 Boys 50m back, 2nd 2005 Boys 50m fly
J. Smart: 3rd Open Boys 100m free, 2nd 2005 Boys 50m free, 1st 2005 Boys 50m breast, 2nd 2005 Boys 50m back
A. Gallagher: 1st Open Girls 100m free, 2nd 2005 Girls 50m free, 2nd 2005 Girls 50m breast, 1st 2005 Girls 50m fly
L. Annetta: 2nd 2007 Boys 50m free, 2nd 2007 Boys 50m back
N. Smart: 1st 2006 Girls 50m free, 2nd 2006 Girls 50m breast, 3rd 2006 Girls 50m back, 3rd 2006 Girls 50m fly
R. Smart: 3rd 2006 Girls 50m free, 3rd 2006 Girls 50m breast, 2nd 2006 Girls 50m back, 1st 2006 Girls 50m fly
L. Lindsay: 1st 2005 Boys 50m free, 1st 2005 Boys 50m back, 1st 2005 Boys 50m fly
J. Pratt: 3rd 2004 Boys 50m free, 2nd 2004 Boys 50m breast
P. Lindsay-Fisher: 3rd 2007 Boys 50m breast, 3rd 2007 Boys 50m back
J. Filmer: 2nd 2006 Boys 50m breast, 2nd 2006 Boys 50m fly
J. Aay: 3rd 2005 Boys 50m breast
N. Butler: 3rd 2004 Boys 50m breast, 2nd 2004 Boys 50m fly
S. Whyte: 2nd 2004 Girls 50m breast
P. Annetta: 3rd 2005 Boys 50m back
B. Hackett: 3rd 2004 Boys 50m back
B. Maddeford: 1st 2007 Boys 50m fly
O. Brown: 1st 2006 Boys 50m fly
K. Webber: 3rd 2006 Boys 50m fly

Students in Year 9 are asked to think about how they can impact others and step out of their comfort zone by using the 6 Cs –
- Compassion - Collaboration - Commitment - Consideration - Courage - Camp

This note was sent in by a proud parent whose son put it into action –
Compassion – ACT OF KINDNESS
When B and I were in Melbourne, we went out for a Chinese dinner one night.  B suggested that we have some of the Chinese nicely packed up so that we could pass it on to one of the many homeless people we had already passed in the streets of Melbourne.  We found a campout on the footpath for a man who had a sign saying that he would gratefully accept any possible donations, including food.  We left our food in a bag for the man. Another man then came up behind us and said that he’d seen what we did, that he works in the local shelter and that the homeless people in Melbourne are doing it pretty tough right now because of the high numbers.  He said it was a really nice thing that we had done.  Even though it was only a small gesture, it felt good and I was extremely proud of B for coming up with the idea.

Another generous heart – H. Letcher had her beautiful hair cut and donated it to make wigs for kids.

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