Middle: 6-9 Introduction

Years 6 - 9 King’s Middle School has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of adolescent children. It allows students to gradually learn the skills and knowledge required to successfully meet the rigorous demands of Senior Schooling and life beyond school, in a warm, caring and engaging environment.

Young people are introduced to the King’s Middle School while they are still in Year 5 by means of a thorough transitional process. This process is designed to seamlessly bridge the gap from Junior School (Primary) to Middle School for both students already at King’s and the significant number of young people entering the King’s learning community at this key entry point.

After experiencing King’s Year 6 Transition Day, your child will develop a close relationship with their Pastoral Teacher with whom they will spend the majority of their time. Further, we have both male and female Pastoral Care Co-ordinators and Chaplains who support the Pastoral Teachers and specific students requiring extra assistance in a variety of areas.

Unlike many other traditional Primary Schools, King’s Year 6 students have immediate access to specialist facilities and staff (in particular Science, Mathematics, Languages, Design and Technology Studies, Home Economics and Art). Specialisation and rigor is necessary at this time to ensure students remain actively engaged in learning throughout their adolescent years.

All King’s Middle School students actively participate in a Faith Studies program. Students and staff in the Middle School work together to prepare and present worship, biblical learning and practically based religious experiences as both small and larger groups.

An important part of the holistic approach to education in the Middle School is our Outdoor Education program. This program involves students at each Middle School year level attending an Outdoor Education experience (camp) where they progressively develop self-confidence/reliance and the ability to work as part of a team.

The Middle School culminates in year 9 with students participating in The Rite Journey program. This is a yearlong program specifically designed to help students in their transition from childhood to adulthood. The course seeks to equip boys and girls to grow into the best men and women they can be and is entirely structured around this goal. For this reason classes are split into four classes: two boys’ classes and two girls’ classes, each with a teacher of the same gender who acts as a mentor throughout the year. This structure helps to facilitate a space where students are encouraged to learn, grow and share in a gender specific environment.

King’s Middle School believes in acknowledging and celebrating excellence in all forms. Recognition of excellence in all areas takes place via Assemblies and the school’s annual Celebration Evening. Additionally, all students are able to explore their leadership potential as they join with the school’s Year 12 Prefects in a portfolio-based whole school student leadership program.


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