Where are you now?


Keren Batson (nee Britcher) (2000) and Jared were married at Flinders Street Baptist Church on 1st November 2014.  Keren’s sisters, Lynelle (1994) and Kristel (2003), were her Bridesmaids.  Their reception was held at the Stirling Golf Club, followed by a honeymoon in Bali.

Elize Bosua (nee Beytell) (2010) and Cornelis were married on 12th December 2015 at Heartwood (Glenaroua – a small town in country Victoria).  They were married in an olive grove and had their reception in a large sheering shed.  Elize’s sisters, Desiri (2008) and Salomi (2013) were her Bridesmaids.

Amy Cavuoto (nee Roe) (2007) and Adam were married at St Laurence’s Church on 31st October 2015.  The reception was held in the Theatre at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Sarah Cloete (nee Burleigh) (2010) and Frans were married on 10th October 2015 at Kingsbrook Estate (Currency Creek).  King’s family involved in the wedding were: Elize Beytell (2010) (Bridesmaid), Chloe Roe (2010) (Bridesmaid), Emma Barry (2010) (Maid of Honour) and Ben Burleigh (2012) (Groomsman).

Matthew Holliday (1995) and Rachel were married on 7th November 2015 on the banks of the River Murray at Bowhill.  Pastor Mike Bartlett from Golden Grove Baptist conducted the service.

Karen Naidu (nee McKay) (1998) and Karan were married on 24th October 2015 at the Holy Trinity Church.  The reception was held at The Botanic Restaurant. 

Robert Venning (2002) and Fiona were married on 29th August 2015 at the Holy Trinity Church.  The reception was held at the Next Generation Function Centre.



Erin Bendys (nee McCauley) (2003) and Paul have a son, Hayden, born 18th July 2015, a sister for Tara.

Paul Briske (2005) andElizabeth have a son, Boston, born 2nd July 2015.

Adam Boyd (2001) and Rahnee have a son, Charles, born 2nd September 2015, a brother for Grace and Micah.

Ross Darcy (2002) and Bronwyn (nee Eley) (2003) have a daughter, Evelyn, born 5th June 2015.

Jenny Davey (nee Williams) (2003) and Chris have a daughter, Matilda, born 30th November 2015, a sister for Connor.

Nadia Eblen (nee Manolakis) (1999) and Will have a daughter, Harriet, born 15th October 2015.

Lauren Fielke (nee Eley) (2001) and Rick have a son, Hugo, born 4th June 2015.

Peter George (2001) and Mandy (nee Lai) (2003) have a daughter, Emaline, born 30th November 2015, a sister for Josiah.

Brad Gronow (1999) and Hayley have a son, Henry, born 16th May 2015, a brother for Charlie.

Josh Gronow (2002) and KheShan have a daughter, Aria, born 13th October 2015.

Susan Harrington (nee Williams) (2000) and Jordan have a daughter, Layla, born 16th October 2015, a sister for Faith.

Andrew James (2007) and Samantha have a daughter, Alivia, born 9th June 2015, a sister for Ryan.

Leonie Kowald (nee Holliday) (1997) and Daren have a daughter, Arizona, born 20th October 2015, a sister for Addison and Lauren.

Craig Miller (2005) and Steph have a daughter, Lucy, born 21st May 2015.

Claire Mills (1997) has a daughter, Darcy, born 20th October 2015, a sister for Harley and Zac.

Michael Price (2003) and Laura have a daughter, Claire, born 14th January 2016, a sister for Lachlan.  Claire is the first girl born in the Price family for 112.5 years!

Laura Thompson (nee Burke) (2002) and Ashley have a daughter, Abby, born 18th December 2015, a sister for Madeleine Williams (current Year 10 student) and Callum Mitchell (current Year 1 student).

Linda White (Kerekes) (1995) and Chris have a daughter, Neiva, born 29th October 2015, a sister for Mykah and Eliana.


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Where are You Now? What are You Doing?

Brianna Adams (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle).

Beth Allen (2015) studying Bachelor of Medical Radiation.

Natalie Alley (2011) graduated Bachelor of Education (Primary R-7 and Special Education)/Disability Studies/working as a Tenured Relief Teacher for Airdale Primary School (Pt Pirie).

Billy Allotey (2015) studying Bachelor of Human Movement.  Billy won the Year Level Sports Champion Award.

Elisabeth Barbaro (2015)studying Bachelor of Social Science.

Keren Batson (nee Britcher) (2000) working as a Worship Pastor for Influencers Church.

Michael Biddiss (2015) has a Retail Management Traineeship.

Sage Blackmore (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Primary).

Andre Bornman (2015) studying Bachelor of Finance.

Cameron Box (2015) will be working/has applied for an Electrical Apprenticeship in the Army.

Heidi Brough (2016) studying Certificate III in Hairdressing.

Ella Buckley (2015) studying Bachelor of Nursing & Midwifery.

Ben Burleigh (2012), Mitchell Clisby (2010), Ryan Evans (2010), Shane Foxford (2010)and Fraser Rickard (2013) are all having the time of their lives enjoying a working holiday at the Sun Peaks Ski Resort in Canada for six months.  Jonathan Birkin (2010), Ben Evans (2010), Oliver Shattock (2010) and Blake Smith (2010) met up with them in Las Vegas and they holidayed together, followed by a stay in their apartment at Sun Peaks.

Samuel Burr (2015) studying Bachelor of Mathematics & Computer Science.

Stephanie Burris (2015) deferred Bachelor of Nursing/taking a Gap Year.

William Carman (2015) studying Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media)/Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media (Specialising in CGI & Visual Effects).

Adam Carter (2015) studying Diploma in Sport Development.

Amy Cavuoto (nee Roe) working as a Reception Teacher for St Columba College.

Ben Challinor (1996) graduated Bachelor of Management (Human Resources).  He is a mentor in the UniSA Business Career Mentor program and a member of the Golden Key Society.  Ben is working as the Program Manager for Homes for Heroes – RSL Care SA.  “After two and a half years out of the Army and studying at Uni, I’ve finally scored a job.   The Homes for Heroes program was first started by RSL LifeCare in Narabeen (NSW) as a homelessness service to ADF veterans of contemporary conflicts and has been a great success.  RSL Care SA has identified a need for a similar service here in South Australia and it is a huge honour to have been given the opportunity to help those that have served our country in recent conflicts around the world.  I am very excited to be able to make a positive impact on the lives of those ADF men and women who have given so much to their country and our way of life.”

Jordan Cooper (2015) applied for Certificate III in Horticulture.

Lauren Coops (2015) studying Bachelor of Applied Biology.  Lauren won the Rotary CGG School & Golden Grove Community Service Awardand the Makin Humanitarian Award.

Matthew Croft (2015) studying Bachelor of Marketing.

Bradley Cummings (2015) studying Bachelor of Human Movement.  Brad won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Awardfor Outdoor Education and Physical Education.

Ethan Dight (2015) studying Bachelor of Applied Biology.  Ethan was awarded a PICSE Industry Placement Scholarship. It aims to open students’ eyes to science involved in primary industry and the exciting and rewarding career pathways available for students who study science at University.

Matthew Dutton (2015) studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil, Structural & Environmental).  Matthew won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Award for Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Studies and Physics.

Jayden Foord (2015) deferred Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) until 2017.  Jayden is doing a Management Training course at McDonald’s.  He works as many hours as he can to enable him to travel. 

Amy Forrest (2011) graduated Bachelor of Speech Pathology/working for Liberty Speech Pathology.

Emma Forrest (2008) graduated Bachelor of Arts majoring in English/Master of Education (Secondary)/working for Tyndale Christian School.

Kristy Foxford (2015) studying Bachelor of Communications & Media.  Kristy won the KOSA Performing Arts Award.

Lauren Foxford (2015) studying Bachelor of Speech Pathology.

Jackson Freer (2015) will be getting their family business, “Rev It Up Racing”, up and running.   They supply motorsport-themed kids’ activities at shopping centres, businesses and eventsJacksonbecame the 2015 Master of Mallala for Formula Vee 1600at the South Australian Motor Racing Championship.

Caleb Froese (2015) studying Bachelor of Urban Planning/working as the Lock-up Manager for Caffe BuongiornoCaleb’s artwork was selected by the SACE Moderators to be exhibited in the 2016 SACE Art Show.  He also won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Award for Visual Art Studies.

Ashlee Haakmeester (2015) studying Bachelor of Arts with a view to following that with a two year Master of Education.  Ashlee won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Awardfor Chemistry, English Studies and Mathematical Methodsand the ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award.

Olivia Hanna (2013) was accepted into the Washington Internship Program, which is offered through the Centre for United States and Asia Policy Studies (CUSAPS) (FlindersUniversity).  She was intern for Congressman Mike Kelly.  The Program ran during the period January and February 2016, it places students in offices of members in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  The Washington Internship program is a highly competitive program and only well conversed, confident, reliable and trustworthy candidates are selected.  An Intern in a Congressional office has responsibilities for a number of high level tasks including: handling correspondence, dealing with constituent’s concerns (face to face or over the phone), taking notes at committee hearings, briefing permanent members of staff, drafting reports, functioning in a team environment and at all times maintaining confidentiality.  A successful Intern must also be able to convince supervisors that he/she has the capacity to undertake a high level of responsibility.

Jack Helyar (2015) working at Caffe Primo.

Nikkita Herft (2014) graduated Diploma of Enrolled Nursing through Careers Australia.

Chelsea Hill (2015) studying Bachelor of Communications & Design.

Matthew Hojem (2015) deferred Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design.  He will be taking a Gap Year this year and commence his degree in 2017.  Matthew won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Award for Material Products – Furniture Construction.

Emily Hughes (2015) deferred Bachelor of Education (Food & Textiles)/studying Diploma of Graphic Arts (Illustration).

Lachlan Hughes (2015) will be looking for full-time employment.

Leigh Humphris (2015) studying Bachelor of Criminology with a minor in Psychology.

Nicholas Johns (2015) studying Bachelor of Business Management (Sport & Recreation).

Chantel Juett (2010) graduated Bachelor of Education (Home Economics)/studying Masters of Social Work/working as a Teacher for Craigmore High School.

Harrison Kantarias (2010)and Andrew’s (2011)boyband At Sunsetwere the winners of the first-ever MTV Brand New Competition in Australia and New Zealand.  They received 200,000 votes.  Over a ten week period Aussie and Kiwi emerging artists went head-to-head competing for the winning title.

Paul Karuga (2015) studying Double Degree Mechanical & Petroleum Engineering.

Lukas Karutz (2015) working – stocktaking for retail stores.

Naomi Kemp (2010) graduated Bachelor of Science in Animal Behaviour (Honours).  My sincere apologies, Naomi, for the error in Horizons 33.

Emma Kingham (2011) graduated Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle – Maths & English)/working as a Teacher for King’s Baptist Grammar School.

Jacob Kuys (2015) studying Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience).

Jace Lander (2015) working full-time as a Team Leader for Roof Seal.

Emma Lawlor (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Primary).

Emily Letch (2015) studying Bachelor of Nursing.

Zachary Lymberopoulos (2015) studying Bachelor of Media Arts.  Zachary won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Awardfor Music Studies.

Kayla McCulloch (2015) studying Ministry of Dance full-time in Melbourne.  Kayla won the KOSA Performing Arts Award.

Kimberley McLeod (2011) graduated Bachelor of Nursing/working as a Nurse for RAH.

Amelia Marcuccio (2015) studying Bachelor of Psychology.

Gabriella Marcuccio (2013) studying Bachelor of Nursing.

Amy Marks (2015) studying Certificate IV in Sports Coaching/doing mission and youth leading at CityReach Baptist Church.

Bethany Materne (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle).

Hosanna Mathew (2015) studying Bachelor of Health Science.

Alicia Meikle (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Primary).

Troy Menzel (2012) has moved back to Adelaide and will be playing for the Adelaide Crows.

Caleb Millar (2015) studying Bachelor of Product Design.

Daniel Miller (2015) studying Certificate II in the Electrical Trade.

Helen Mills (2006) graduated Bachelor of Nursing and a Graduate Certificate in Aboriginal Studies/studying Bachelor of Midwifery.

Bianca Minervini (2015) studying Bachelor of Business Tourism & Event Management.

Emma Moon (2015) studying Bachelor of Speech Pathology.

Brodie Morgan (2016) studying a defence course with the view to entering the Army upon completion.

Jared Mules (2015) studying Bachelor of Health Sciences (Advanced).

Rhianna Mummery (2014) completed her studies at St Patrick’s Technical College receiving an Award for the Class of 2015 Hair & Beauty Student Of The Year.  She is now studying Certificate III in Police Studies and working for Hungry Jacks.

Shalini Nallaratnam (2015) studying Bachelor of Law & Commerce.  Shalini won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Awardfor Psychology, Research Project, Legal Studies. Shalini is our 2015 Dux.

Joshua Newbery (2015) studying Bachelor of Media Arts.  Josh won the King’s FISHER Awardand the Tabor College Chapel Involvement Award.

Esther Nguyen (2015) studying Bachelor of Midwifery.

Vu Nguyen (2015) studying Bachelor of Psychological Science.

Jordan Parker (2015) studying Double Degree – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical & Electronic).

Alicia Payne (2015) studying Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Bradley Pedler (2015) studying Double Degree – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic)/Bachelor of Mathematical & Computer Sciences.

Kristen Phillips (2015) studying Certificate IV in Media Makeup.

Briony Pick (nee Spragg) (2002) is working as a Project Officer for the Environment Protection Authority.

Cameron Pocock (2015) is in his second year of his Apprenticeship as a Diesel Mechanic at Collins Transport.

Kelly Pocock (2015) studying Advanced Diploma of Marketing.

Stephanie Pope (2015) studying Bachelor of Interior Architecture.

Zack Price (2015) studying Double Degree – Bachelor of Forensic & Analytical Science.

Benjamin Rankin (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

Cory Ray (2007) graduated Master Science in Accounting/working as an Associate Director of Operations for Liberty University (Virginia, USA).

Garsioz Rejaiean (1993) working as a Technical Consultant for Hewlett Packard.

Ryan Richards (2003) is a qualified Plumber with his own business – Richards Plumbing Service.

Chelsea Roberts (2015) deferred Double Degree in International Tourism & Business Management.  She is taking a Gap Year and has been offered a position in a Resort in the Northern Territory, which she plans to start mid-year.  Chelsea also won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Awardfor Business and Enterprise

Matthew Robertson (2015) studying Bachelor of International Studies/also in the Army Reserves.

Chloe Roe (2010) graduated Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle)/working as a Teacher for Fairview Park Primary School.

Jackson Roe (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle).

Melissa Rogers (1997) graduated Diploma in Children’s Services/working as an Early Childhood Educator for Emali Early Learning Centre.

Dan Roy (2015) deferred Bachelor of Social Work/taking a Gap Year.

Jarrod Salmon (2015) studying Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours).

Megan Salmon (nee Welldon) (2003) graduated Bachelor of Education (Middle/Secondary)/Bachelor of Visual Arts/completed Diploma of Library Information/working as a Librarian for Tea Tree Gully Library.

Stephen Scicluna (2015) studying Bachelor of Information Technology (specialising in Entertainment & Gaming).

Eliza Shattock (2015) is hoping to study Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Physiotherapy.

Joel Smedley (2015) is taking a Gap Year/working in a Management role at McDonald’s.

Katie Smithers (2015) studying Bachelor of Tourism.

Jasmine Stanford (2015) studying Bachelor of Nursing.

Baylee Stavrou (2015) studying Certificate III/Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Jaana Tanska (2015) studying a Certificate in Fitness/working four days a week as a Contracts Administrator/Receptionist for a building company.

Hamish Taylor (2015) deferred Bachelor of Architecture.  He is taking a Gap Year travelling to Cook Island, Canada, Iceland, UK and will end up with the 2h Project in Cambodia before heading back to Australia for Christmas.

Tiffanii Thackeray (2015) studying Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science).

Abbey Thackray (2015) studying Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle).

Jordan Thompson (2015) is taking a Gap Year.

Jenny Tran (2015) studying Bachelor of Health Science.  For the second year in a row, Jenny received the‘High Commendation Self-Portrait Award’at a workshop held at the Art Gallery as part of the SALA Secondary Student Drawing Exhibition 2015.

Mia Vandergoot (2015) deferred Bachelor of Advanced Science.  She is taking a Gap Year to experience more of what the world has to offer: working and volunteering in South Africa for three months.  Mia will be travelling to other places later in the year before starting Uni in 2017.  She won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Award for Biology and Research Project.

Crystal Vas (2012) working as the Workday Announcer and Promotions Manager for Power FM on the NSW South Coast.  If you are interested please check out this link – http://www.powerfmbegabay.com.au/mornings-with-crystal/meet-crystal

This particular station is part of the Grant Broadcasters network, meaning there is lots of opportunity to move on to bigger and better places within the network.

Luke Vianello (2012) completed Cert III Information, Digital Media & Technology & Cert IV Information Technology Networking/working as a Desktop Support Officer for King’s Baptist Grammar School.

Andrea Vollebregt (2015)studying Bachelor of Nursing.

Tiarn Walker (2015) is taking a Gap Year/working part-time.

Jarrod Warren (2017) studying Electrotechnology – St Patrick’s Technical College.

Hannah Waters (2015) studying Bachelor of Nursing.

Abigail Watkins (nee Soeharyo) (2011) graduated Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle)/working as a Year 2 Teacher for King’s Baptist Grammar School.

Caitlin White (2015) deferring Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) RMIT & Bachelor of Business – Tourism & Event Management/will be working as a Counsellor at Camp America for 12 weeks (June – mid-August) then travelling America, Iceland, London and Europe until mid-December.

Tommy Wieczorek (2015) applied for the Air Force/working at Woolworths.

Cailin Wilden (2015) studying Bachelor of Nursing.  Cailin won the Year 12 Subject Excellence Awardfor Child Studies, English Communications, Mathematics Applications.

Kristen Wright (2006) graduated Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies)/Graduated Masters in High Performance Science/working as a High Performance Sports Analyst for Millfield School (Somerset, UK).

Lisa Wright (2008) graduated Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

Grace Zadow (2015) studying Bachelor of Nutrition & Food Science.  Grace was the Caltex All-Round Student. 

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