King’s Laptop Program for Students

Special Invitation to current Year 10 parents -  you are invited to an  Information Evening on Wednesday, August 28 commencing at 7.30 pm in the Theatre where the King’s Laptop for Students initiative can be explained and discussed.

During this evening we want to share as much information as we can about this important plan, which is designed to assist student learning. Some of the topics we will cover include -

Why is King’s distributing laptops?

Which Year levels are receiving a laptop and when will this happen?

What will be the cost to parents?

How will ownership work out?

How will the laptop be used?

What support will be available?

What kind of device will students have? 


If you cannot wait until August 28, we have some information on our website. Look under Learning, Years 10 – 12 Laptop Program and you will see information already posted. “Planning for 1 to 1” and “Frequently Asked Questions” have been placed on this part of the website to give you more information.

To spark your interest here are some starting points for the Information Night.

Why is King’s distributing laptops to students?

Every adult and young people especially, appreciate the almost instant access to information at any time of day - this is the mark of the ‘digital age’. Not surprisingly, the way we access learning is changing in this digital world. Students can gain information, collaborate and ask questions, find solutions, receive feedback, access their files on the King’s network and plan for their learning using ‘on-line’ resources and tools. Many students are already doing this at schools and universities. One way to talk about this kind of learning is “access anytime, anywhere”.

Our ‘IT vision’ at King’s is to enable students to move to this kind of learning. Clearly the sort of technology that students and teachers use makes a big difference on how this can work out in practice. For the last 3 years King’s has used a mixture of IT rooms (Computer rooms) and laptops on portable trolleys.

We believe there are better ways now available – to place laptops in the hands of each student.

Who will be involved?

We believe Senior School students have much to gain from this style of access to learning, given the blend on ‘in-class’ and ‘out of class’ learning that is a feature of senior years. The increase in ‘research based’ activities in nearly all SACE subjects suits “anytime, anywhere learning and access”. For several reasons we think the first group in the laptops roll-out should be the 2014 Year 11 group. 

When will students receive this laptop?

For this first group, the Year 11 students in 2014 will receive their laptop mid-year. All students will use the same model laptop. This will give them 6 months use in addition to their Year 12 year.  In 2015, students in Years 10 and 11 will receive their laptop. We are now within 12 months from this initial roll-out and believe it is not too early to begin discussing the concept and details with you. (Some parents might already be considering an IT purchase.)

How will this be paid for?

The cost of the laptop, around $1200, will be paid for by parent contribution over 3 years. That is, $400 per year, broken down into payments for each term. For the initial group a pro-rata schedule will be worked out to allow for you to purchase the laptop if you would like. (For example, after 18 months the laptop would be halfway through an anticipated 3 year life). If you do not wish to purchase outright, the device can be simply handed back to the School.

I am sure there are many more questions you might like to ask, and of course that is the purpose of the Information Evening on August 28 2013. After the Information Evening you can still ask questions! You might like to contact either Hans Froese (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Wayne Grady (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). I too would be happy to field a question.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday August 28.

Russell Eley,


August 2013

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