“Japanese is studied for 1 semester in Year 5 and from year 6, students can choose to study Japanese from year 6 to year 9 (compulsory language study) and then choose the language as part of their senior school studies from years 10-12.

King’s has an exchange school arrangement with Sonobe High School, near Kyoto, in Japan. The exchange trip operates every alternate year, with students enjoying many aspects this language and cultural trip provides.  Students spend two weeks at our exchange school, participating in many activities such as Kendo, Calligraphy (Shodo),

Japanese cooking, visit to the local technical school that teaches Japanese traditional craft skills, tea ceremony and attendance at after school club activities such as basketball. Sonobe High School is noted for its excellent English program.  After this visit, the exchange group uses the famed bullet train (shinkansen) and travels to other significant places such as Himeji (Adelaide’s sister city), Hiroshima, Miyajima, Tokyo, Ginza, Harajuku and Asakusa.  Included in this trip are visits to Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Osaka.

Students returning from this exchange trip value their experience, the new friendships they have made and the language they have been able to use and practice on a daily basis.”


Sonobe High School’s Exchange inbound trip to King’s was in July 2015.

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King's next outbound Japan trip – September/October 2015.

Practising Japanese Conversation with
Hideki Watanabe, Japanese Language Assistant
“Visiting old King’s scholar Sophie Wilden, who now works as a face character in Tokyo Disneyland.

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