2017 SACE Results

It is a pleasure to share with you the Stage 2 results of our 2017 Year 12 students.  As a School community it is wonderful to be able to celebrate the results achieved by our students. 

The results attained by all our students are due to their hard efforts obtained in partnership with their parents, families and teachers over all their years at school. There are many staff who have contributed to the success of our 2017 Stage 2 students and we sincerely thank them for their hard work and commitment to supporting our students. We are pleased to share with you for the third year in a row, students in Year 12 have achieved 100% SACE Completion.

Highlights from the 2017 results include:

8 students achieved A+ grades with Merit in the following subjects:

  • Solo Performance
  • English
  • Biology (2 students)
  • Child Studies (3 students)
  • Research Project

A further 7 students achieved A+ grades in the following subjects:

  • Business and Enterprise
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Child Studies
  • English
  • Research Project

Of the 83 students eligible to complete their SACE in 2017, 63 achieved one or more grades in the A band. A total of 152 A grades were achieved across the cohort.

Of the 83 Students who completed their SACE in 2017, 100% of students received an ATAR. Our median ATAR was 80.48.

Some statistics relating to the Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks achieved by the 2017 group of graduating students are:

  • 7%   of the eligible cohort were in the top 5% of the State (ATAR of 95 or more)
  • 25% of the eligible cohort were in the top 10% of the State (ATAR of 90 or more)
  • 36% of the eligible cohort were in the top 15% of the State (ATAR of 85 or more)
  • 51%  of the eligible cohort were in the top 20% of the State (ATAR of 80 or more)

Congratulations also to 16 students who completed Certificate 3 Vocational Education qualifications.

King’s results in each Grade Band continue to be very pleasing.

Grade Band King’s State
A 34.4% 24.95%
B 53.1% 44.59%
C 12.5% 27.75%
D 0% 2.23%
E 0% 0.45%


Congratulations to Brock Nelson Dux for 2017 with an ATAR of 99.50. Brock studied:

Subject Grade
Biology A+ with Merit
Research Project A+ with Merit
Business and Enterprise A+
Chemistry A
Mathematical Methods A
Specialist Mathematics A


Congratulations also to the following students who achieved an ATAR over 90:

Name Score
Brock Nelson 99.50
Gemma Kerin 98.80
Joel Wilson 97.95
Benjamin Chapman 96.10
Emma Howie 95.40
Taylor Henderson 95.30
Daniel Terrison 94.85
Alexander Brennan 94.80
Amber Williams 93.90
William Loughron 93.50
Tamsyn Stephens 92.95
Emanuel Kousvos 92.65
Kimberly Hoffman 92.40
Tyler Ennis 92.40
Robert Fitzsimons 92.05
Emily Sparke 91.90
Georgina Iljcesen 90.85
Tarnysha Sarti 90.65
Emma Berry 90.30
Kate Beverley 90.25
Stephanie Blakey 90.20


I trust that all our students remember that they are never just a ‘number’ and that they will never be defined by the number (ATAR) that most of them have worked so hard to generate. We trust that they have learned through their journey that we care most about the people they become.


Russell Eley

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